Fees for polygraph examinations vary depending on the situation and the type of testing involved. A typical polygraph exam starts around $400, please call us for a price.  We always quote a total price and we never charge any hidden fee's.  Our pricing is very competitive.

We will provide you free advice even if you decide to use another company.  Our goal is to offer you a professionally administered exam by a certified examiner for a reasonable price. 

All fee's are collected before the exam begins.  This avoids the appearance of a subjective or bias examination.

***If you don’t use Thurston Polygraph, please use an examiner who has completed an APA approved polygraph school (400 plus hours of instruction) and is a member of the APA.  Have them show you their graduation certificate.***  

Ask for their experience, credentials and have them send you the information for your review. If they will not provide you the information, turn the other way.

We except cash or major credit cards.

Our polygraph examiners are certified by the APA and our exams meet or exceeds APA standards.

Polygraph (Retainer Fee of $150.00).


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